Verticle Stripe Scarf


Verticle Stripe Scarf


#15 for project
#17 for casting on and binding

Drop Spindle Hand Dyed Aloha 1 1/2 oz. Plus two other yarns of different weights and textures.



To Start:verticle_stripe_scarf[2]0202
Cast on 90 stitches with Aloha
Row 1: Knit with 2nd yarn leaving Aloha at right side.
Row 2: Leave 2nd yarn at left side and knit with 3rd yarn.
Row 3: Knit with Aloha. Continue knitting one row with each yarn loosely up the side.

At 5 1/2" loosely bind off.
Scarf approx. 5 1/2 X 65"

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