Current Color Series

Current Colors Series

About the Current Color Series Pages.

 Each batch of hand dyed yarn is unique but some color combinations or Color Palettes are requested over and over again. These color pallets make it on to the Current Color Series list.  When a color ceases to be popular off it comes.

The yarns I dye fit into two categories based on their fiber content, Protein fibers and Cellulous fibers.  Protein fibers come from animals; Wool, Mohair, Alpaca, Cashmere and Silk are examples.  Nylon also fits in this category. Cellulous fibers come from plants; Cotton, Linen, Bamboo and Rayon are examples. Silk mixed with cellulous blends fit here also.

 Protein Fibers and the Cellulous Fibers are dyed with different dyes and use different dyeing methods.  This is important because even though every Color Palette in the Current Colors Series list is offered for every yarn  the protein fibers and the cellulous fibers dye up differently. Generally the deepest most saturated colors can be obtained on the protein fibers while the cellulous fibers excel at subtle blending and shading of many colors. This means the same color pallet will be different on every yarn, for every yarn seems to take the dye differently.

* Order by the series or pick out individual listed color blends

* Not all colors listed in each combination are always in every skein

Series 1:  Earth Tones

Colors from earth & forest

Desert Earth
Dark brown/ rust/wine/ purple/ charcoal/ black

mini-Dersert Earth  202
mini-Desert Earth 1

Browns with accents of wine/ purple/ gold/ orange and teal.  Can be subtle or intense and everything in-between.

mini-Autumn 1

Green Autumn
Like Autumn but with shades of Green as a base instead of browns.

mini-Autumn 3
mini-Green Autumn02

Early Autumn
old gold/ rusts/ red plum/ teal/ green

mini-Early Autumn 1
mini-Early Autumn 2 mini-early Autumn 3

Autumn Leaves
Wines/ purples/ oranges/ browns/ golds

mini-RX 5 mini-Autumn Leaves 3
mini-Autumn Leaves  2

Soft Neutrals
Variation of warm and cool beiges mixes with other colors, varies widely

mini-Soft Neutrals 3
mini-Soft Neutrals  1 mini-Soft Neutrals 2
mini-Soft Neutrals 5
mini-Soft Neutrals 4

Desert Cliffs
Rich shades of red and golden browns/ rust/ slate

mini-Desert Cliffs 1 mini-Desert Cliffs 2
mini-Desert Cliffs 3
mini-Desert Cliffs 5
mini-Desert Cliffs 4

Shades of mid to dark greens, may have touches of olive/ ochre and or browns.

mini-Forest 2
mini-Forest 1

Forest Glen
Greens/ teals/ purple

mini-Forest Glen
mini-Forest Glenn 2

Forest Floor
Muted browns with touches of purples/ olives/ ochre/ greens etc.
varies widely

mini-Forest Floor 1
mini-Forest Floor 2
mini-Forest Floor 3
mini-Florest floor 4

Rocky Creek
shades of browns/ rust/ black with turquoise

mini-Rocky Creek 2
mini-Rocky Creek

Earth & Sky
Shades of browns /rust / black/  blues

mini-Earth & Sky 1 mini-Earth & Sky 2

Series 2:  Sunset

Based on favorite sunsets

Tropical Sunset
intense blue/ teal/ purple/ raspberry/ orange/ gold

mini-Tropical Sunset 3
mini-Trop Sun 2
mini-Tropical Sunset

Teals/ olive/ purples/ may have touch of black

mini-Dusk 2
mini-Dusk mini-Dusk 3

Lavender Sunset

Lavender/ mauve/ pink/ gray/ peach

Blue Sunset
Blue/ Lavender/ peach/ pale gold

Summer Sunset
As above but with periwinkle instead of blue

mini-Summer sunset

Series 3:  Winter Nights

Deep, rich saturated colors, many with jewel tone highlights

Flame & Flame With Gold( Dragon Sunset)
Reds/ orange/ purple some with a touch of magenta  
Reds/ orange/ purple & gold

mini-Flame 2
mini-Flame mini-Flame 102
mini-Flame 4
mini-Flame with Gold

Crimson nights
Crimson/ wines/ dark magenta/ coral

mini-Crimson nights 1 mini-Crimson nights 2 mini-Crimson nights 3

Jewel Tones
Deep Magenta/ purples/ sapphire/ turquoise blue, some with a touch of emerald

mini-Jewel tones mini-Jewel Tones 2
mini-Jewel tones 4
mini-Jewel tones 6
mini-Jewel Tones 5

The Midnight Blues
Shades of blues/ black/blue purple and /or teal

mini-Midnight Blues mini-Midnight blues 3
mini-The Midnight Blues
mini-Midnight blues402
mini-Midnight blues4

Test Black
A fun one for Cotton and rayon yarns.  I use three different black dyes from a choice of 5 and end up with a different result every time.  Using only black dyes the effects are shades of grays tinted with shades of teal, blue, plum, wine and sometimes I even achieve black.

mini-Test Black
mini-test Black 2
mini-Test Black 3
mini-Test Black 1
mini-Test Black 4

Series 4:  Santa FE

Medium to soft color palette

Mid tone browns & rust with greens/ muted purple and touches of slate and peach

mini-Chaparral 1 mini-Chaparal 2 mini-Chaparall 3
mini-Chaparal 5
mini-Chaparal 4

Santa Fe Peach
peach/ taupe/ beige/ natural, some with touch of lavender

mini-SF Peach 1 mini-SF Peach 2
mini-SF Peach 3
mini-SF Peach 5
mini-SF Peach 4

Santa Fe Rose
Rose/ taupe/ beige/ natural, some with touch of lavender

mini-Santa Fe Rose

Turquoise Trails

Shades of green and turquoise/ golden brown/ violet

mini-Turquoise Trails

Desert Peach
Dusty peach/ sand/ rose/ violet/ turquoise or sage offered with and without natural

mini-Desert Peach 3
mini-Desert Peach 2 mini-Desert Peach 5

Desert Rose
Dusty rose/ sand/ peach/ violet/ turquoise or sage offered with and without natural

mini-Desert Rose 1
mini-Desert Rose 2
mini-Desert Rose 4
mini-Desert Rose 3

Desert Sage
Dusty sage/ sand/ rose/ violet/ turquoise or sage offered with and without natural

mini-Desert Sage 1
mini-Desert Sage 2

Series 5:  Tropical Jungle

Most often clear, intense and bright

Shades of greens in sunlight and deep shadow, may have turquoise and teals and a touch of black

mini-Jungle 2
mini-Jungle 1
mini-Jungle 3

Jungle Greens

mini-Jungle Greens 1 mini-Jungle Greens 2

Jungle Flowers
Purples/ magenta/yellow/ green, can be bright, muted or mid tones

mini-Jungle flowers 1
mini-Jungle Flowers 3
mini-Jungle Flowers 4
mini-Jungle Flowers 2

Green Parrot
Green/ orange/ turquoise/ raspberry/ purple

mini-Green Parrot mini-Green Parrot 1
mini-Green Parrot 2

Parrot I

Violet/ royal blue/ turquoise/ chartreuse/ yellow

mini-Parrot I

Parrot II
Violet/ royal blue/ turquoise/ chartreuse

mini-Parrot II
mini-Parrot II 2
mini-Parrot II 3

Pink Orchid
Pinky purple/ orange/ green/ sometimes turquoise and a touch gold

mini-Pink Orchid mini-CAT 1 mini-Pink Orchid 202

Purples or pinks with corals-peach/ yellow

mini-Hibiscus 1
mini-Hibiscus 3
mini-Hibiscus 4


mini-Bougainvillea 1

Royal Butterfly
Turquoise/ violet/ corals

mini-Bougainvillea 3
mini-Bougainvillea 2
mini-CN 1

Series 6:  Africa Series

Dusty muted colors with occasional intense highlights

African Sands I
Natural/sand/charcoal or black/gray/ shades of cocoa, browns & beiges.  May have hints of teal & indigo.

mini-AF Sands I 1
mini-African Sands I 2 mini-African sands I 3

African Sands II

Shades of brown/ charcoal or black/ mahogany/ sienna/ rust.  May have hints of indigo & teal.

mini-African sands II

African Remix
Always changing, a mixture of dusty browns and beiges with variations of dusty purple/ sage/ terra cotta/ochre, etc.

mini-African sands II 2 mini-African sands II 3
mini-ZL 11
mini-African Remix I

Rust/ dusty purple/olive/gold.

mini-Ndebele mini-Ndebele 4 mini-Ndebele (2)
mini-Ndebele (3) mini-Nedebele 4

Moroccan Sunset

Browns/ oranges/ black/indigo

Indigo Nights
Shades of Indigo with black and or charcoal, sometimes teal. Can be ordered with and without natural. 

mini-Indigo Night

dusty shades of rust/ old gold/ black/ dark eggplant/ sienna.

mini-Nomad 2
mini-Nomad 1

Series 7:  Ocean Series

Blues and turquoise with friends

Ocean Breeze I
Blue/ aqua/ turquoise/ green

Ocean Breeze II
Blue/ aqua/ turquoise/ green with periwinkle or purple.

mini-Ocean Breeze I
mini-Ocean Brezze I 5
mini-Onean Breeze I 1 mini-Ocean Breeze I 4
mini-Ocean Breeze II 2
mini-Ocean Breeze II 1
mini-Ocean Breeze II 4
mini-Ocean Breeze II 3

Caribbean Breeze
Turquoise blue/blue/lime/kiwi

mini-Caribbean Breeze 1
mini-Caribbean Breeze 2

Stormy seas
Gray blues/ teals/ navy/ sand/ may have natural, touches of green and purple.

On the Beach
Medium to light blues/aqua/turquoise/sand. Can be ordered with or without natural.

mini-Stomy Seas 4
mini-Stormy Seas 1
mini-Stormy seas 3
mini-Stromy Seas 2
mini-On the beach 2
mini-On the Beach 1
mini-On the Beach 4
mini-On the Beach 3

Series 8:  “From the Kitchen”

Sometimes sensible and sometimes strange

Mango Salsa
Deep Reds & Oranges/ pink/ gold /lime

mini-Mango salsa 2
mini-Mango Salsa 1
mini-Mango salsa 3
mini-Mango salsa 4

Chocolate/ lime/ paprika with a dash of mustard

mini-Mole 2
mini-Mole 1

Plum Mustard
purple/teal/ mustard/ brick/may have touches of green

mini-Plum Mustard
mini-Plum Mustard 2 mini-Plum Mustard 3

Vanilla Latte
Natural/ cream/ shades of soft cocoa beiges, may have hints of mocha.

mini-Vanilla Latte 1 mini-Vanilla Latte 3
mini-Vanilla Latte 2

Berry Delight
Raspberry/ blue/ lavender

mini-Berry Delight

Plum jam
Plum /purple/raspberry/ magenta, may have added blueberries.

mini-Plum Jam 2
mini-Plum Jam 1

Chili Pepper
orange reds/copper/olive & gold

mini-Chilli Pepper

Series 9:  Potpourri

This is the catch-all category and includes anything that does not fit into the above series. Most of my experimental pieces end up in this category. These are most often the most intresting and most captivateingly stunning color combinations!

mini-Feista 1 mini-Feista 202 mini-MM 502
mini-Georgia I mini-Georgia II mini-NR 1104
mini-Sprin Garden 2 mini-Spring Garden mini-BL 5503
mini-SW 8202 mini-SWF 11303 mini-ZA 203
mini-O&E 23402
mini-LP 5502

Series 10:  Shades of a Color and Semi Solids

Shades of a color are subtle variations in one color, while Semi Solids are as close as I want to to a solid color