Aloha Scarf


Aloha Scarf

Needles: U.S. 17 or any size to achieve desired look of the scarf.

3-4 oz Drop Spindle Aloha Hand Dyed Yarn
2 oz any Light Dk weight yarn aloha_scarfa[1]0202

Knit every row changing yarns every 4-6 rows

Scarf:Beginning with Aloha, cast on 12 stitches
Row 1-6 (8) Knit with Aloha.
Row 7 & 8 (or 9 & 10) Drop Aloha, Pick up alternate yarn knit two rows.
Repeat Rows 1-8 (or Rows 1-10) until desired length.
Bind off very loosely.

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