Hi,  I’m D’Elin Lohr and welcome to the “About Us” page. “Us” is really just me as I am sole owner and operator, doing all the dyeing and pretty much everything else involved in maintaining the business.  I started dyeing over 30 years ago with natural dyes and when I bought the Drop Spindle in 1984 I dove straight into the synthetic dye pot and never came up. While I enjoyed my experiments with Natural Dyes I love the versatility and endless color combinations allowed with synthetic dyes. IMG_0402 (Small)

 Space Dyed, Hand Painted & Dip Dyed all refer to different methods of creating a variegated or multi colored skein of yarn, which is what I specialize in and love creating.

 Over the years I have experimented with many different dyeing processes and have developed my own techniques, which keep evolving as I find better ways to achieve the effects I want.  On the protein fibers (wool, mohair, silk) I use various acid dyes and on the cellulose fibers (cotton, rayon, linen) I use Procion MX dyes. My goal to you is to offer hand dyed, top quality yarns at affordable prices, which allows me to do what I love best, to endlessly play with color and texture.

 If you want to read more about the Drop Spindle, check out the book Handpaint Country by Cheryl Potter, published by XRX Books, as I am one of the featured hand dyers. It’s a beautiful book filled with knitting patterns for hand dyed yarn, many good suggestions for working with variegated yarns and the stories about the Dyers themselves are fascinating.

Yarn: 50/50 Mohair & Wool
Color: From the winter Nights series: “The Midnight Blues” with Magenta